And the Man Behind It...


Ron C., Chief Copywriter-Founder

"Everything starts with a Big Idea. And Copy-e-Writing is no different. We aim to bring change through words - that's our idea."

Location: India, Singapore

Occupation: Copywriter and IM Consultant (and occasional Blogger)

Education: BBA, LLB, Dip. In Financial Accounting

Technical Training: Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Inbound Marketing.

Pastimes: Reading, reading, and more reading; sometimes, sketching cartoons; occasionally, observing life.


I didn't know when I started my career in the web business back in 2009.

I was 19, when I started my career as a customer support executive. It was fun but too stressful at that time. Dealing with people almost 2-3 times my age and solving their never-ending issues can be daunting. Yet that taught me an important thing – how to empathize with others! Perhaps that was the start of my marketing career. (I would like to add here that I was always very perceptive as a kid and could gauge other kids’ emotions to a great extent.)

In the year 2007, the concept of blogging was catching on in India. And I got into blogging. That was new to me first – SEO, PPC, Google analytics, everything. But since I came from the business background, I quickly understood that this was not really different from offline marketing.

I started using my offline marketing knowledge to understand how and why things worked the certain way online it did. And gradually, I got the grip of things.

In the year 2008-09, I got my first gig as a content developer. In those days, it was just searching the right long-tail keywords and stuffing them in an editorial content. Keywords were the ‘key’ to your online success.

But in the web world, things change rapidly and you have to change accordingly. In the last couple of years, with the random Google updates and various online marketing options being opened for the average marketer, the depth of marketing has been strengthened while the breadth has been expanded even further.

In 2011, I started Copy-e-Writing, where I focused mainly on the very base of new online business world viz. brand development and social relationship building through effective web sales tactics and strategies.

At Copy-e-Writing, we focus on merging smart copywriting techniques with in-depth marketing prowess and color it with latest social trends, to bring a mishmash of lively, humanized content for our clients.

If you are a B2B business owner, Copy-e-Writing is the right choice for you.

We believe in solid market research.

We believe in profound ideation.

We believe in brand-o-tales. (A combination of branding with storytelling.)

We believe in customer loyalty and action.

We believe in getting our client’s business to the next level.

As simple as that.

What’s In It For You?

For readers, you can achieve a wealth of writing and marketing knowledge from my newsletter. Join it now. It might be sporadic, though. I don’t send emails often, to be honest. They will inform you, entertain you and sometimes, keep you up at night (just joking!). Stay tuned, and you will learn a lot. And maybe you will get a few free gifts along the way for being so loyal to me. Who knows.

For clients, stop right now and think, “Do I need someone to build my business brand from zero to hero? Do I really need someone to take charge of my declining sales graph? Do I need someone to generate action for my website?”

If you said yes to these, congratulations. You are in the right place. Copy-e-Writing is the answer to your question.

But don’t make your decision as of yet. Check out the blog. Go over the service plans. Get a feel of the whole Copy-e-Writing thing, that is. And when you are sure that we are the guys for you, ping us by contacting us here.



Every great ad starts with a great story. We will help your business will stand out with your own personal, captivating tale.


Eyes everywhere... we aim to study your audiences' needs and desires, spy on your competition before everything else.


Your Business Brand is ready to soar with no-nonsense and powerful marketing message positively affecting your audience.


Your sales been falling down recently? All you need is an optimized marketing campaign that raises your conversion rates in a few days.


At Copy-e-Writing, we believe in Big Ideas. We believe, "ideas" rule marketing. And every Big Idea, structured with solid facts and colored with an emotional story, possess the magical power to take your business to the next level. Let us be the harbingers of your business success.

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